is the innovative result of the two forms of art coming together.  Fashion designer Efi Papaioannou, having pret-a-porter collections over Europe for the past years and the painter Antonis Paschalidis, with his unique drawings, collaborated for a unique collection. These signature T-shirts are produced with soul searching quotes for each one of you.


CINNERS SS15 "Imagine it as Art"

is the new summer collection of Cinners, by Fashion Designer Efi Papaioannou inspired by the work of artist Kikos Lanitis. Being one of the most important Cypriot artists, Kikos Lanitis empowers the new collection of Cinners through his new art collection "Children of Crisis". Thus the new collection of Cinners, "Imagine it as Art" is born.


About Efi Papaioannou  Fashion Designer

Efi Papaioannou

Born in Nicosia, Efi studied Speech Therapy at St. John’s University in New York. She practised this profession for years, whilst engaging in fashion design as an amateur. Her great love for fashion prompted her to go abroad to study Fashion Design at the St. Martin’s School of Arts in London.

Upon her return to Cyprus in June 2007, Efi opens her own studio ‘efi’ in Nicosia, with an impressive portfolio, ranging from prêt-a-porter to made-to-measure creations. Exquisite fabrics, emphasis on handcrafted detail and finish are the characteristic features of her collections.

Efi’s studio features a large assemblage of prêt-a-porter that consists of casual wear, evening wear and couture pieces. These frequently updated collections can be qualified as both complex and simple in design, but all present a refined vision on femininity with details that make them unique and different.

Efi also designs bridal dresses - upon request - that reflect the personality and style of each bride with her femininity and elegance embedded in the design.

March 2008. Efi participated in the 1st Cyprus Fashion Week presenting her «Take a Bow» collection for Fall & Winter 2008/09. The collection exuded an air of couture but was simultaneously characterised by an intense austerity.

June 2008. Efi created the clothes worn by the finalists for the ‘Pan Cypriot Carlsberg Beauty Contest’ as well as for Betty Maggira, the presenter of the evening. In October of that same year she was a participant in the 2nd Cyprus Fashion Week presenting her summer collection for 2009 entitled ‘Moments’, inspired by moments in life itself. She continued to partake in the 3rd and the 4th edition of the Cyprus Fashion Week.

Over the years, many celebrities both in Cyprus and abroad have worn this designer’s creations.

Betty Maggira, the presenter of the official beauty pageant ‘Star Cyprus’, was dressed in creations by ‘efi’, as were all the participating July 2008 finalists.

Elena Paparizou wore one of Efi’s couture dresses during her presentation of the ‘Madame Figaro - Women of the Year Awards Cyprus’ in March 2010

Zeta Makripoulia chose some designs by ‘Efi’ for several of her appearances on the popular TV show ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in 2010 and 2011.

Eugenia Manolidou , was dressed exclusively in creations of Efi Papaioannou during her presentation of the ‘Taste Time Out Eating Awards’  in November 2010.

In February 2011, Doukissa Nomikou , presenter the ‘Madame Figaro - Women of the Year Awards’, wore one of Effi’s creations on stage. In the same competition, Vicky Chatzivasileiou who was one of awarded contestants of the evening, wore a ‘efi’ creation . In July 2011, Niki Kartsona the presenter of the Pan Cypriot Beauty Contest ‘Star Cyprus’, as well as all finalists, wore evening creations by ‘efi’.  in November 2011 Anna Vissi was photographed for the cover story of the magazine Madame Figaro dressed in a ‘efi’ cocktail dress .

One of the most recent collaborations is with famous singer Natasa Theodoridou who has chosen to dress in creations ‘efi’ for all her musical appearances since winter 2011.

In February 2012 Efi Papaioannou was the only Cypriot fashion designer participating in the 2nd ‘Madwalk Fashion Project Awards 2012’ held in Athens during which she took care of Natasha Theodoridou for her live performance.

The collections of Efi Papaioannou are also available in selected boutiques and fashion showrooms in Monte Carlo, Milan, Bucharest and Cairo, as well as in the department store Harvey Nichols in Riyadh and Switzerland.

Her objective, as she says herself, is to make a woman feel special when wearing her clothes that highlight the beauty and femininity concealed in every woman.